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5K runner

Okay. I have nothing but praise for the workout programs I’ve used before, which are mostly Crush Fitness programs. But this summer I don’t have a gym that I can complete crush at (And I’ve yet to purchase GO!) so I’ve had to think of other things.

I’ve downloaded the 5K runner app and some of the other apps by this company and honestly I love it. They give you 3 workouts a week for 8 weeks that take you from never running to apparently being able to run 5 km. I’ve been using it with a friend for about 3 weeks and honestly it’s been amazing. I’m now able to run longer and faster than I ever have been able to and I feel better about myself since doing it.

Now my friend and I don’t fully follow the workouts like they want. We make sure that we have “graduated” each workout. This means that we make sure that we can complete the workout comfortably before moving on.

This app is only $5.00 and it’s a lifesaver honestly. It’s a lifetime subscription to the workouts and totally worth the money.